Hi there,

My customer is running Sentinel 7.0.1 and is in an eDirectory
environment. After initial installation, I only see the "Sentinel Core"
types of Reports and Filters. I'm attempting to import the
Novell_eDirectory_6.1r9.spz.zip Collector Pack Plug-in file. So far, so
good. When I use the SCC Solution Manager and add the Collector Pack
Plug-in, I'm asked to select the Crystal Reports server (not applicable
for me) or a local directory for various Oracle and SQL reports. The
import indicates OK and Installed except for the Jasper reports which
are the ones I think I want like Novell-eDirectory_Self-Password-Changes
report. Nothing new shows up in Sentinel with new reports.

Is the Collector Pack Plug-in not appropriate for Sentinel 7? If not,
why isn't there one for something as basic as eDirectory??


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