my customer is running IBM's "Lotus Domino Server", and customer is
interested to monitor "administrator" and "user" activities.(Lotus
Domino Server logs user/admin activities in its own ".nsf" file)

Soon, I have to collect logs from "IBM Lotus Domino Server" in SLM.

> 2.2 Connection Methods
> This Collector supports gathering data from the data sources listed
> above using the following connection methods and
> modes (expressed as"<Connector Name>:<Connection Mode>"):
> ▪ SNMP:Packet Output,Syslog:Map
> Output,WMS:Application,File:Connector Dump
> NOTE: The SNMP mode is the default mode and should be used in most
> circumstances.


My Question here is.. if as per the document SLM collect logs from the
Domino Server via snmp, then does the logs contain info about user and
admin activities ? or they merely reports/informs about the server
health, uptime, start and shutdown status etc ?

I am asking this question because the Domino Collector guide recommends
the **SNMP** method, and normally SNMP is used to monitor server's
availability and not the user/admin activities.

Please help/suggest

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