I'm doing a pilot of Sentinel Log Manager and I had a question related
to events from changes made via iManager.

First, we're using SLM
Second, this is an older eDir, it's 8.8.5 (20219.15), so these are the
platform and instrumentation versions in use:


The problem I'm having is that I see events coming in for modifications
to objects, but the initiator is always the server, not the actual user
making the change in iManager.

I have "Do Not Send Replicated Events" checked on every server in the

One strange anomaly is that when I open a server using the eDirectory
Audit task in order to modify what is audited, when I click on the
Novell Audit tab I always get this error:

"(Error -603) The requested attribute could not be found. In the
Directory, if an attribute does not contain a value then the attribute
does not exist for the specific object."

However, I'm able to save my changes and everything works fine (and the
changes do indeed take). I double checked, and all the appropriate
schema extensions are in the tree.

If I try and use the old Novell Audit plug-in to modify the settings,
iManager crashes (and I've tried 3 different instances of iManager too,
it seg faults).

Is this just a problem with the old eDir instrumentation? Or is there a
way to get the true initiator to show up in the log when making changes
from iManager?



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