To integrate sentinel with IDM 4.0.2 and AM 3.2 using audit,syslog
connectors so as to track IDM users using sentinel and perform desired
actions .

We want to integrate IDM with sentinel .We have setup the sentinel
driver for IDM which is up and running fine .Now when we are adding a
new collector/connector for fetching events from IDM it is not fetching
the same.There is some platform IP sentinel asks which is configured in
IDM to feed events to sentinel server.But same is not working as per
expectations.We have pointed the host entry logEvent.cfg to sentinel
server on IDM vault and made the necessary configuration in IDM and AM
to fetch the events.

Sentinel driver is working properly but w cannot see the IDM users in
People link in sentinel or logs in raw view.

Also in AM 3.2 we have pointed logEvent.cfg to sentinel server and set
the link Auditing to sentinel server.
Now when i am adding a collector , connector and event source i am
pointing platform Ip to identity server IP. Also i have enabled audting
in Identity server and acess geteway bot.But stiil cannot see any event
in raw data tap.

Any hepl pls.

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