I am trying to figure out how to do a "this but not that" operation and
the documentation is just not aligned to that thought process.

We need to track all files from certain folders(ProjectX) except the
*.tmp files
I can get it down to getting the first part to work, but it isn't clear
how to take that boolean next step.
This is what we have.
ARCHIVE:/ProjectX/** (*)
DATA:/**ProjectX/** (*)
my inclination is to append "&& !*.tmp" to those, but that doesn't
match the patterns shown. If I've read it correctly, the following is
sort of hinted at as being what I need.
ARCHIVE:/ProjectX/** (*)
DATA:/**ProjectX/** (*)
!ARCHIVE:/ProjectX/*.tmp (*)
!DATA:/**ProjectX/*.tmp (*)
If someone could validate that for me it would be very useful.

This is on OES11 64-bit on VMware

Andy "not a programmer" Konecny
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