How much memory should I need on a Sentinel Log Manager server? Its the
one and only piece of Sentinel (besides a pair of event sources)

For just collecting, it appears to be just fine, but if I run some of
the reports, it gets ugly, with Java running out of memory.

I get lots of lines in the server0.0.log file along the lines of
<QUOTE>Heap RAM used: 3396.10 MB of 3937.81 MB (86%) by service
As the heap grows until we get
<QUOTE>Thu Mar 28 16:51:38 EDT
java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space</QUOTE>

that then repeats, and I stop being able to log into the SLM web
interface, or if I'm still logged in it gets unresponsive.

I have gotten a number of MemoryDump###Server.hprof files.
The only thing that has worked is to reboot the server.

SLES11.2 64-bit VM on vSphere 5.1 4 cores, started at 4GB and now up
to 8GB that only means it takes longer to trip up. I don't want to
just keep expanding, hoping I'll find the right number before we run
out of physical RAM on a host.

The main reports I've been trying to run are "Novell Open Enterprise
Server File Access Activity Per Server/User" (a pointer to how to
modify/customize those reports would be useful as well, even if just to
make them landscape and/or outputs to a csv file)

Andy Konecny in Toronto
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