Sentinel Log Manager 1.21

in trying to test my source filters, I find a limit on the SLM packaged
queries. In either "Novell Open Enterprise Server File Access Activity
Per Server/User" I want to see if any file with a tmp extension is
getting through. But I get the following when I specific looking for
the file pattern of *.tmp

Mon Apr 01 16:15:04 EDT
2013|SEVERE|Thread-18091|esecurity.base.ccs.comp.BaseRemoteObjectTask .e
at .........
Caused by: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Invalid Search
Filter. Please take a look at search tips, on how to construct valid

This is the first time I've ever hit that kind of limit, having done
<CODE>del *.tmp /S</CODE> and similar for many years

Andy Konecny in Toronto
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