version: SLM 1.2.1
CPU: Quad Core 2.4 Ghz Dual Processors(Xeon), having 16 cores.
Mem: 28 GB
SLM License: 500 EPS

I ran a report to collect logs from a single event source, of SEP 01 to
SEP 07 2012, and set Max Result to 30000(thirty thousand), and have to
Cancel the report after waiting for more then 40 minutes to
complete/finish the report. Though running the same report with Max
Results set to 5000(five thousand) completed within 10 minutes.

while the report was running, 'top' was continuously(for 40 minutes)
showing a Java process consuming 100-400 % CPU, while 'mpstat' shows
only a single cpu/cores is 0% idle while rest of the cpu/cores are idle
in b/w 92 and 100 %, i.e just one cpu/core was running SLM/Java.

Seems that SLM/Java is not multithreaded.

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