We are collecting logs from mail service and I am interesting for
recipients data. We are using Sentinel 7.0.3.
There are differents type of CustomerVar like String or IP or Integer
but not Array to store data. So, I have inserted the recipients data
into a String separeted by ','.

I would like perform a search for one particular recipient. Here an
example :

cv38 = "test@company.com,test2@company.com,test3@company. com"

To search "test@company.com", I can do a search like :
To search "test2@company.com", I can not do a search like :
cv38:"*test2@company.com*" ; The wildcard at the begginning is not

From the documentation, there is no CustomerVar with a type Array. And
the CustomerVar are not "tokenized".

Is-there a way to activate wildcard at the begginning to perform the
search ? I understand if we activate that kind of option, the server can
be slow...
Otherwise, how to do it without impacting the server's performance?
Is there a better way to perform that ?

Thanks in advance for your help.


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