So I'm new to the whole reporting module and I'm just learning to make
custom reports for the IDM engine. I am attempting to make a basic
report, that pulls the current drivers in the IDM solution, and prints
them in a report. Now, I am perfectly able to make such a report, if I
choose to make a new blank report i iReport. I can pull the data and see
it in the Preview available in iReport. Now, I am not able to deploy it
to the IDM reporting module, and run it from the Reporting site. I'm
guissing it's because the report is missing some of the Novell mandatory
elements and such, in the report. The Identity Reporting Module Guide
tells me to use the reportpkg.jar to make a report, and use that. If I
do it this way, alot of stuff is added to the report, and this is the
stuff I'm guessing I can't delete. The stuff I'm talking about is the
collect_name, last_collect_date and such fields. Now if I attempt to
view my report in the iReport Preview, I get the following error:

com.novell.sentinel.content.reports.TemplateReport Scriptlet cannot be
resolved to a type. It is the REPORT scriplet that uses this class. Now
I know it says in the guide that this is not a problem. But it prevents
me from Previewing my report. I need to build it, deploy it, and then
run it from the reporting site(www.url.com/IDMRPT/). It is a great pain.
Is there any way of solving this problem? Can I somehow maybe delete all
the "mandatory" fields? if there is a more thorough guide of how to make
IDM reports in iReport, please tell me about it. I am only aware of the
iReport manual and the short Identity Reporting Module Guide.

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