I have a client that uses SLM (not the latest I know) with
the latest eDirectory collector, 2011.1r1 release date 2013-01-29

We have set the Suppress System Events parameter to yes using ESM on the
Configure Collector Property tab.

I would like to know how that is suppossed to work?

According to the documentation that should filter out a number of
attributes from being logged such as Purge Vector, Replica,

Should it filter out those attributes on all objects that contain that
particular attribute or just some objects that I must specify somewhere

From what we are seeing it's not filtering out those attributes at all,
they are still being logged and I had to create custom filters using the
"Set Filter" button on the collector where I added rules like this to
get rid of those attributes:

Action: Drop, Field: Y, Condition: Equals, Value: Purge Vector


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