I've come quite a long way and I actually got a report now, which is
very close to being usefull. It is able to print out affiliations for
people, with all the needed information, and even print only the ones
out, which have changed in some way, within a specific time frame. I
have a couple of strange problems though:

1. This might just be me being stupid, but how do I know if an identity
has been deleted in the IDV? A user object that is. When a user object
is created in the IDV, a row is added to the idmrpt_identity table, and
given an identity_id. When this object is removed later on, this row is
not removed. As far as I can see, there is no attribute being set
either, like there is for attributes in the idmrpt_ext_item_attr
table(idmrpt_deleted). There is another table called
idmrpt_identity_hist, but I can't make sense of this table and it is not
documented either. One thing is for sure, it does not only contain the
removed identities, because both a version of the old identity I deleted
of a person is in that table, and so is the new one. How do I know an
identity has been deleted?

2. Some attributes are not syncronized to the database from the IDV,
sometimes. I created a bunch of identity objects and sometimes, some of
the attributes are never synced to the database. Lets say I create 5
identities, and give all 5 a title. For only 2 of the identities, a
title is to be found in the database. The data is in the IDV, and I can
also see it being added in the trace on the (DCS)Data Collection Service
driver. But it is never added. Of course the attributes are in DCS's
filter. Any ideas?


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