I'm using SLM 1.2.

I have some questions regarding the "Set Filter" functionality on the
Collector in ESM.

1) Is it possible to create an "advanced" filter that looks at multiple
fields, for example on the eDirectory collector I would like to drop
some events if three or more fields have some specific values.

For example: if (field I == something1 && field R == something2 && field
U == something) then drop

From what I can see in the filter editor I can only filter on one field
at the time but maybe I'm missing something.

As a workaround I'm using the REGEX condition and looking at the
s_raw_message2 field.

2) When using the "Edit Filter" dialog the Value text area is small and
if the window is resized it won't resize to fit the window. If I type
something in the value text area it starts to resize randomly. This is
on Windows 8 with Java 7.

3) The "Filter Collector" window is too small when you have more than a
couple of filters, you have to resize it every time you open it and
there is no maximize window button.

4) Is there a way to edit the filters in some other (supported) way to
overcome the problems above? I have found the filters in the PostgreSQL
database but it appears to be some base64 encoded string if you have
more than a couple of filters (the first couple of filters seem to be
stored as XML, then as I add more filters it's no longer plain XML).

5) If I would like to apply the same filters to another SLM
installation, is it OK to take that that filter data from the database
and apply it directly to the PostegreSQL database of the other SLM