IBM Lotus Domino is running on SUSE Linux. Lotus Domino is configured to
log events in Syslog.. i.e we are receiving 'domino event' in

I configure the event source(Domino/SUSE) to send logs to SLM:


destination loghost { tcp("" port(1468)); };
log { source(src); destination(loghost); };

logs(including 'domino event') started comming to SLM via
'Generic'/SUSE Linux' Collector.

I then set the 'Collector Plugin' to 'IBM Lotus Domino' (Collection >
Event Sources ) so that Domino events parsed via Domino Collector... and
now only 'domino event' are comming/displaying(when click on Search)
from that event source.

I have a can I collect logs from a single event source
box1 > connected via Syslog connector > connected to Domino Collector
.... to collect Lotus Domino Events only
box1 > connected via Syslog connector > connected to SUSE Collecotor ...
to collect all the syslogs else the 'domino event'

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