I need a small clarification regarding Sentinel 7.0 Licensing. (Sorry if
this is a repeat questions, I tried searching but not able to find
relevant answer)

With Sentinel 7 we have the Events Per Second (EPS) Licensing Model.
When I look at the Product price list and see for Sentinel, one of the
option it say's is "Sentinel 7.0 Enterprise 5,000 EPS / 2,000 Devices
License + 1-Year Priority Maintenance".
Would some one please let me know ... when the license is done on EPS,
why does the devices option been given in the pricing.

Also if a client is looking for a initial 2000 devices and later want to
extend to 4,000 devices .... is it fine to suggest the client to obtain
the initial license of "Sentinel 7.0 Enterprise 5,000 EPS / 2,000
Devices License" and later upgrade the license with "Upgrade Sentinel
7.0 Enterprise 5,000 EPS / 2,000 Devices License".

Appreciate your inputs on the above.


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