I have IDM 4.02 on eDir 8.8.7 . In another server i installed EAS and
auditing IDM.

Documentation of IDM says:
"The Platform Agent is automatically installed if either the Novell
Identity Manager Metadirectory Server or Novell Identity Manager
Connected System option is selected during the Identity Manager
It's done, and i configured the logevent.conf of IDM to auditing to

Now i want auditing eDirectory, EAS come with a eDir's collector pre
installed, but documentation of EAs haven't details how i enable eDir

Following edir collector's documentation :

i configured by iManager the events, on ndsmodules.conf i added "auditds
I exec -/opt/novell/eDirectory/bin/ndstrace -c "load auditds"- and
-/opt/novell/eDirectory/bin/ndstrace -c "load auditds"-
The eDir was restarted
On EAS the event source to eDir don't appear.

Any ideas?

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