I am wondering why I am not able to search after the Event Source Name
with the Sentinel Log Manager out of the box.
Is this normal? Please take a look at the screen.
[image: http://picload.org/image/apiarro/search.jpg]
The Sentinel Log Manger found 31 events for the Event Source ID but
nothing for the Event Source Name.

I opened a Service Request with Novell. At first they said, the search
after the event source name should be possible.
Theyhave sent me this picture:
[image: http://picload.org/image/apiarda/search_example.png]

I talked to them that I am not able to search like them (like screen 1).
Then they have said that I have to customize the code at the collectors

Is this correct? Is there no easy way to get the Event Source NAME
instead of the ID in reports & searches?

Thanks, Christopher

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