Hi All,
using a fresh install of Sentinel 7.1 as VM installation.
The syslog conector of the Sentinel Host and all other hostst is not
"/etc/syslog-ng/syslog-ng.conf" is configured by installation process:
# Forward all messages to Sentinel:
destination d_sentinel { tcp("" port(1468)); };
log { source(src); destination(d_sentinel); };

After restarting the syslog service on the Sentinel host I get
connection information in ContolCenter.
All links are marked green, showing a running connection:
Novell SUSE Linux Enterprise Server
sentinel.pro.local:Syslog:Map Output (universal)

There is a Syslog-Server listening on port 1468 tcp running.

When typing a "logger test" on the command line of the sentinel host,
there is a new line in the /var/log/messages file,
but no entry in Active view or sentinel itself.

I have the same behaviour with other hosts, which are configured to send
syslog messages to the sentinel hosts IP.
It is possible to connect with "telnet sentinel.pro.local 1468" to the
sentinel server from all of these hosts.
Is there a way to figure out the solution?
Is it a new problem with Sentinel 7.1?
I had running a Sentinel 7.0.3 before without any problems.
The upgrade to 7.1 fails because of DB problems, therefor I did a new
installation of 7.1 on the Sentinel VM.


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