I am having cache issue in my Colletor Server.
From the Sentinel Dashboard I can see a warning message for that server
and a red information about the total of messages and total size of the

From unknow reason, today when I was see the health of my servers, the
WECS has reached the limit of memory. Consequently my Collector Server
also is having trouble.

In order to try fix this, I've stopped my WECS service and the other
event sources for event capture from the Sentinel Control Center . I
could note that the cache is decreasing but is taking a long time.

Here is my servers configuration:

- Sentinel Server - 2 vCPU - 4 Cores; SLES 11; 6 GB RAM, 600GB on-line
storage (in a Fibre Channel) and 300 GB Network Storage;
- WECS - Windows Server 2008 R2; 2 vCPU - 2 Cores; 6 GB RAM, 60GB
- Collector Server - 2 vCPU - 2 Cores; SLES 11, 4 GB RAM, 60 GB Disk

We've made a several filters from the Connector Event Source and this
resulted in a minimum of events being processed. Things as 9 or 12 EPS
per Event Sources.
We sure about this browsing to Sentinel Dashboarad >>Collect>>Event
I am monitoring 28 Domain Controllers. We need monitor 70 DCs.

I'd like to know if there is a troubleshooting technique and faster
process the cache events.

Thank you.

Thiago S. Francisco

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