Hi all,

I installed virtual Sentinel Version: with .iso file
as an appliance.
I have a reg code that I downloaded from the customer center, but when I
want to register it from webyast I receive the error "Registration did
not succeed. A connection to the registration server could not be
established" in the Registration option

Also I tried to do at the server´s console with suse_register -d 3 -a
email=xxxx@xxxx.com -a regcode-Sentinel=12345678901234 -L

and I receive the error "ERROR: Timeout was reached: (28)"

Because the server doesn´t have Internet connection, I configured the
proxy in the Sentinel´s server throuh yast but i still have the same


- I am installing Sentinel on a development server, can I use the same
regcode for the development and production server?

- I don´t have internet connection on the server. The only way to
install the regcode is to connect to the web?

- To install the Sentinel patch, do I need to connect the server to
Internet or can I do it manually donwloading the file?

Thanks and regards,


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