Over the last few months, Oracle has been rapidly making security
changes to their Java Webstart technology with the goal of tightening up
the overall level of security that they provide. They have informed us
that this process will continue, with major changes to come.

Sentinel and Sentinel Log Manager leverage Java Webstart as a way to
deliver our Java-based user applications the Sentinel Control Center,
Solution Designer, and Event Source Manager to desktop systems. This
has been a successful approach that eliminates the need to permanently
install the user application software locally. Unfortunately, this also
means that if Oracle changes the behavior of Java Webstart, those
changes could affect the behavior of our user applications up to
including preventing them from starting entirely. We have already seen
issues like this happening:

- Oracle Java 7 update 40 made unannounced changes to the Webstart
logging framework that prevented our user applications from starting
properly. There is a workaround for this issue by opening the Java
Control Panel and then going to the Advanced Tab > Debugging > select
Enable Logging.
- Oracle Java 7 update 45 made unannounced changes to restrictions
placed on the .jnlp file that prevented our user applications from
starting properly. There is no known workaround for this issue other
than downgrading to Java 7 update 40 at this time, but we are working
hard to re-implement our software to work within the new restrictions.

If this situation occurs with your installation, you always have the
option of temporarily downgrading the version of Java installed on your
desktop so that these applications will continue to function; some
platforms will allow you to have multiple versions of Java installed and
select which version of Webstart to use at launch time, allowing you to
easily switch which version you use for this particular application. At
the moment the suggested approach is to install Oracle Java 7 update 40
because it contains the most important security fixes while still making
it possible to run Sentinel user applications. We will be aggressively
testing each new Java release and preparing updated Sentinel user
application releases that address any issues discovered as quickly as

As always, you can contact NetIQ Technical Support
(https://www.netiq.com/support/) for more information.

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