After getting help with the updates in WebYaST in a 'previous thread'
( I am now stuck again.

When trying to upgrade from, the installation starts but it
is never completed. The steps I take are:

First I choose Appliance to launch WebYaST.
Then I choose Updates, select
"sentinel-server-" and start the
The text "Installation in progress. Remaining 1 patch. The installation
time depends on patch size." appears.
The manual then says that after the update is successful, the WebYaST
login page is displayed. This does not happen, instead I am sent back to
the page "Updates".

Any hints where to look to find out why it goes wrong?

The update to was by mistake made as it was a Sentinel
Server, not a Sentinel Appliance, by issuing the command
"./install-sentinel". Might this be a problem?

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