We are using Sentinel Appliance

By mistake when using webyast we blocked the services lighttpd-ssl,
sshd, webyast and webyast-ui. We then added them again by using
"/sbin/yast firewall". After that we can't start Control Center.

Since it stopped working after our fiddling with the firewall we tried
to start it with the firewall enabled as well as disabled.
When enabled the error message is: "java.net ConnectException:
Connection timed out: connect”
When disabled the error message is: "unable to obtain web server host
from configuration"

If I from my workstation test the connection to the Sentinel system by
issuing "nc -zv ip.addr.goes.here 10013" it results in TIMEDOUT. I use
Firefox v25 and Java 1.7.0_40-b43 with cache cleared.

If I look at the firewall configuration with YaST2 I can't find any
rules. Have we somehow destroyed the default firewall configuration for
the appliance installation? Or shouldn’t we see the rules?
Can anyone help us with a diagnosis, do we have firewall problems, other
problems or perhaps several problems?

Please don’t ask for a backup to restore…

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