Performing Sentinel backups using the link below requires entering a
username and password that typically of the "admin" user.

I have a concern that if I give the credentials to the backup team, they
get more access than they need. Scripting it will mean that I need to
write the password in clear and restrict some permission. This is not
ideal either.

Below are the assumptions and my questions:

1. I don't want to shut down Sentinel during backup - understand open
files will not be backed up
2. I don't want to backup any local storage, files are available on the
network storage anyway.

1. Is a username/password required to perform a backup of Sentinel
Application with the above assumptions?
2. Is it possible to create a more restricted user account just for
backup that has no other access?

Currently I'm using Sentinel version 7.0.2 however looking for an
upgrade soon. I guess these questions will still be valid.


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