Hi Guys,

We are using: RD (Build 12)

Recently we were requested to restore some old event data from the
backup logs for one of our collectors.

We have the old logs from our backups.
We have the file collector up and running.
I went to Edit file collector, and in the Start behavior and offset,
inside, Resume from saved data, in current offset I see that it pointing
to the latest file which it had collected, with a number of 140616.log

Now the backup files that I have are with number prior to this file.

- Is there any way I would be able to edit this offset and enter in the
number/name of my desired file?
- Or as per my understanding, I would need to create a new file
collector and point it to the new location where these files from backup
would be restored?
- Or what would be the best way for me to restore these old events form
the logs?

Any pointers, help, suggestions highly appreciated!

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