I apologize first if this is listed in a PDF somewhere but I have
searched both the PDF's and the Lucene wiki and have not met with much
success. I am try to create a correlation rule that performs a search
similar to the following:

dun match regex "*admin*" AND XDASTaxonomyName =

The "match regex "*admin*" part of the rule where it looks for words
containing the word admin in it, i.e. "defADMINxyx". If I use "match
regex admin*" it will locate "defADMIN" but not "defADMINxyz" or
"ADMINxyz". If I try a fuzzy searc "admin~" that does not work either.
I have also tried "(?1)admin" with no luck. What is the proper syntax
for searching a word that "contains" a certian character string or is
there one? Hope I make sense here and thanks in advance for any help.

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