This release marks an important phase in that it enables the existing
SLM customers for future migrations to a merged SLM/Sentinel platform,
with the help of Lucene update to v3.6.2 that we incorporated into this

In addition, Sentinel Log Manager 1.2.2 provides several functional and
performance improvements(for Search and Reporting) and several bug
fixes. In this release we fixed 42 technical-debt bugs. SLM 1.2.2 now
includes the Java 7 update 55 and also supports client computers
installed with Java 7 update 55. We also upgraded Jasper reports to v5.5
as part of this release.

Please note that Sentinel Log Manager 1.2.2 can only be used for upgrade
installations. Customers need to be either at SLM 1.2 or 1.2.1 in order
to upgrade to 1.2.2.

Refer to Download URL:
And SLM 1.2.2 appliance updates are published to the NCC channel.

Release notes can be found at .

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