I would like to generate a monthly based report, but it fails, because
it reaches the maximum memory (6GB). I set it to a week, but it is still
failed with out of memory.
Is it enough to give more memory to the Sentinel? How can I set/gave
more memory to process? generate the report?

Sentinel provides the setmemory.sh script that allows you to change the
default memory settings for the Sentinel server. The setmemory.sh script
is located in the /etc/opt/novell/sentinel/bin directory.
To make changes to the default memory settings, you must create a
setmemory.properties file. The default location for this file is
JAVA_MEM_PERMGEN: The maximum permanent generation memory (in MB)
allocated to the process.

So I have to make the file with one row (Java_MEM_PERMGEN)? How does it
look like(syntax)?

Thank you for your answers!

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