Hello ,

is there a guide how to migrate Legacy collectors to JavaScript
Collectors ?

I found this :


Writing Javascript Collectors
NetIQ provides a comprehensive, Eclipse-based software development kit (SDK) that will help you migrate legacy Collectors to Javascript Collectors. This SDK can be accessed from the Sentinel developer portal at http://www.novell.com/developer/deve..._sentinel.html. A guide for migrating a legacy Collector to the JavaScript framework will be made available soon on this site as well.
If your organization requires additional assistance, NetIQ and our trusted Partners offer customized IT Consulting services in order to ease your transition to the Javascript Collector framework. Our experienced staff can help you to write JavaScript Collectors or provide staff augmentation and expertise. If you need assistance with moving to the JavaScript Collector framework, please contact NetIQ Consulting for more information.
If you have any questions or concerns, please contact NetIQ support or your NetIQ sales representative.


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