Well we have gotten hit by a bug again. Looks like Sentinel will
sometimes add two users to the database and cause the database to log up
if you use LDAP for Auth. Been working with support and no one at NetIQ
knows how to remove the duplicate user. With previous versions, we did
the simple:
opt/novell/sentine/bin/ ./db.sh sql SIEM dbauser "delete from users where name = 'user'"
But with this version, we get this error When it is ran:
novell@sentinel:/opt/novell/sentinel/bin> ./db.sh sql SIEM dbauser "delete from users where name = 'user'" ERROR: update or delete on table "users" violates foreign key constraint "fk_userid" on table "favorite_folders"\ DETAIL: Key (usr_id)=(188) is still referenced from table "favorite_folders"
Does anyone else here Know what the other table is and what need to be
removed? We have been down 3 days and backline has not documented what
needs to be removed so I am stuck here till they find it. I hope
someone can point me in the right direct here so I can give backline
some help.

Just hoping someone else has had this issue and can help.


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