Hi Team,

Sentinel RD 6.1

Recently we saw that the disk space over the Sentinel server has been
consumed upto 95% and would like to clear up some space.
When I login to data manager I see that Online data has been set to 90
days and Archive destination is,
/opt/novell/sentinel6_rd_x86-64/data/db_archive, with offline operation
as archive and drop.
So, is perfectly alright to go to the ad_archive directory and delete
the files which are older that 90 days?
Would that cause any adverse effect on the system?

And for the postgres, I see that directory,
has grown to about 88 GB.
How should I clear the space over this directory or are there any other
methods to clear the older files for the same?

Please suggest, we just don't want to end up Sentinel crashing even
before we start the upgrade...

Thank you!

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