in our DB2 connector we fetch only twice a day the information form the
audit db due to performance issues.
As soon the next collector run is started the audit events from the
database are parsed and stored into sentinel - but with the runtime of
the Collector and not the date the audit line occured in the db.
The ObserverEventTime is correctly set, but not the date you can see in
the search result.
How could I change this.? We are using JDBC-Connectors.
I am new in programming - I know to that I have to change realease.js
but this does not work:

this.evtDate = this.RXMap.TIMESTAMP;


this.severity = instance.MAPS.sevMap.lookup(this.status);
var dt = this.RXMap.TIMESTAMP;
dt = dt.substring(0, 10) + " " + dt.substring(11, 19)
dt = dt.replace(/-/g, "/");
dt = dt.replace(/\./g, ":");
e.setDeviceEventTime(new Date(dt));
e.setEventTime(new Date(dt));

We would also like to change some field like it works in the file

this.RXMap.TIMESTAMP = values[0];
this.RXMap.EVENT = values[1]
this.RXMap.DATABASE = values[2];
this.RXMap.USERID = values[4];
this.RXMap.AUTHID = values[5];
this.RXMap.APPID = values[6];
this.RXMap.APPNAME = values[7];
this.RXMap.PKGNAME = values[8];
this.RXMap.STMTTEXT = values[9];
this.RXMap.ROWSMODIFIED = values[10];
this.RXMap.ROWSRETURNED = values[11];
this.RXMap.STATUS = values[12];

But in connection method DATABASE these fields are undefined. Adding
some field to the extendInfo-field works, see:

e.add2EI("Category", "EXECUTE");
e.add2EI("Database", this.RXMap.DATABASE.trim());
e.add2EI("AuthID", this.RXMap.AUTHID.trim());
e.add2EI("AppID", this.RXMap.APPID.trim());
e.add2EI("AppName", this.RXMap.APPNAME.trim());
e.add2EI("PkgName", this.RXMap.PKGNAME.trim());
e.add2EI("StmtText", this.RXMap.STMTTEXT.trim());
e.add2EI("RowsModified",this.RXMap.ROWSMODIFIED.to String());
e.add2EI("RowsReturned",this.RXMap.ROWSRETURNED.to String());
e.add2EI("Status", this.RXMap.STATUS.toString());

Adding them to the normal fields---how could these be done?

Thanks foor helping - Torsten

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