we use this setup:

Sentinel --> RemoteCollectorManager:
MS-AD+Win-Collector-->WMI-Connector to the WECS-Server
At the installation of WECS I enteres the RCM-IP and port.
I can see this at the wecs-config-file:
<endPoint address="tcp://10.xxxx4:20123"
behaviorConfiguration="localhost" />

I added manually the WECS-Server to the WMI connector and the event
source shows a green symbol .. so it works..

But now I wonder the next steps:
In the documentation it is stated that I add new clients (which should
be polled by the WECS) through the manual list at the WMI-Connector.
After this I have many clients at the connector ...same as the

How is the communication between sentinel, cm,wecs and clients?

I thought that the sentinel connect on , here 20123, the WECS and tells
to fetch the information form client using WMI.
But how can I tell Sentinel to add clients to the WECS and not adding AS
an WECS?
Where is this information stored and visual in the Source-Table in the


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