We have following setup:
- DB2-Connector downloaded,
- changed UUID and the sql-statement
- this was done five times to change the tables the events sources are
asking for data
=> 5 Collectors (different UUID).

After the upgrade to 7.3 we had to upgrade the DB2-driver to 4.17
db2jcc4.jar. (old driver was not supported any more).

Now we added to each Collector a Eventssource an started polling : all

Next step we added a second EventSource to each Connector and started
the source.
In the log file there is following Info/error?:

Mon Mar 09 10:58:13 CET 2015|INFO|QueryId=1;QueryExecutoresecurity.ccs.com p.evtsrcmgt.connector.database.JDBCConnector$Query Executor@658dc5e4|esecurity.ccs.comp.evtsrcmgt.con nector.database.JDBCConnector$QueryExecutor.run
Interrupted : esecurity.base.exceptions.InterruptedRuntimeExcept ion: Read lock interrupted


Searching for a reason when this error occurs I found that one event
source is running fine. As soon as I start the second source the message
is sent.
Is that a normal behaviour as it is no error jut a info?


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