I need to resize /var or change the location of the buffered data on my
collector. Resizing /var is proving difficult on the collector for some
reason. Alternatively I was hoping I could just amend the following in
server.conf on the collector manager:

# Working directory

Change wrapper.working.dir to a new mount point on a partition with free
space I have on the collector manager server locally.

Are there any considerations to watch out for when doing this? Is it

This is only in the event the Primary Sentinel Server is unavailble for
a period due to an outage as we have no HA ability on this installation.
I want the events to buffer for a time on the collector in the event the
Primary Sentinel Server is offline. With my current collector manager
disk size it will fill up quite quickly.

In the event none of this is doable I could do a quick rebuild of the
collector manager with the new disk layout.



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