Hello All,
We are trying to use a custom authentication class to gain
additional parameter to pass along in a SAML assertion to a third party
vendor. We have successfully added the new custom auth class, but we
are unable to determine how to assign the value of this new parameter to
anything that is accessible in the creation of the SAML profile.

The first idea was to use a shared secret. Although we have been able
to create the shared secret, it does not have any value assigned.
Here's the code used based on the code used by the PwLookupLogin class
in the ba-idp-auth.jar file:

private void setUserTAG(String paramString) {
SSSecret localSSSecret = new SSSecret();
localSSSecret.setName(new SSName("tag_van"));
SSSecretEntry localSSSecretEntry = new SSSecretEntry("tag_van",
addCredential(WSCQSSToken.SS_SecretName, localSSSecretEntry);

The second idea was to make use of the "CustomizableStringOne" found in
a posting in this forum on how to extend a X.509 auth class:

The code we have tried follows:

private void setUserSSN(String paramString) {
// Makes use of the "Customizable String One [Custom Profile]"
// Customizable attribute 1 is the one we use to contain
customer data to send,
// but this can change to another if necessary
WSCMOPToken token =
(WSCMOPToken)WSCToken.getToken(WSCMOPToken.OP_CS_C ustomizableString1.getTokenUniqueId());

// Build object for new data
WSFModelEntry modelEntry = token.getModelEntry();
IDSISCommonAttributeElement data =
if (data instanceof IDSISLeafAttributeElement) {
((IDSISLeafAttributeElement)data).setText(paramStr ing);

WSCMDataToken dataToken = new WSCMDataToken(token, data);
catch (Exception ex) {}

Again, the same problem. No value is found when the idpsend CGI tries
to generate the assertion.

We are really struggling to understand how this should work. The basic
problem is this: How can we set a variable within a Java class that can
be accessed by the idpsend CGI to be used as an attribute within the
SAML assertion?

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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