(This is really more of a general question, doesn't necessarily relate
only to the RADIUS class, but just as an example...)

I would like to prompt the user for some additional data, in addition
to the two input fields in the Novell supplied RADIUS authentication
class. This additional data must be verified BEFORE the RADIUS
authentication takes place.
Since I don't have the source for the RADIUS class, I created an
additional class, tested it - worked fine.
The problem is I don't want the user to be prompted twice. I would
like to present a single JSP, that is based on the RADIUS JSP, with the
addition of my custom prompts. The user would will in all required input
fields, say - the first two fields are for my custom class, the rest of
the fields would be used by the Novell class.
Is that possible at all?
What I did so far is creating a contract that uses two methods: 1st
method uses my custom class, the 2nd method uses Novell's RADIUS class.
Both methods uses the same custom JSP page.
This does not work correctly... After my class returns AUTHENTICATED,
the JSP is shown again to the user, prompts him for the "missing" RADIUS


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