Hi everyone,

I am programattically populating Customizable String attributes through
an authentication class.
This works using the following utility method:

public static WSCMDataToken getToken( String content, String uid )
throws NIDPException
WSCMOPToken token = (WSCMOPToken) WSCToken.getToken( uid );
WSFModelEntry modelEntry = token.getModelEntry();
IDSISCommonAttributeElement attributeElement =
if ( attributeElement instanceof IDSISLeafAttributeElement )
((IDSISLeafAttributeElement) attributeElement ).setText( content );

WSCMDataToken dataToken = new WSCMDataToken( token , attributeElement );
dataToken.setAllowOverride( true );
return dataToken;

However, the next step would be to populate a multivalued CS attribute.
I think I should create a IDSISMultipleLeafAttributeContainer for this,
but I cannot find the correct way to create a WSCMDataToken with this

Can anyone help me along?


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