Hello all! New Access Manager developer here.

I've noticed a few threads from users who have tried to do what I
currently need to do (see 'here' (http://tinyurl.com/a3d6x2h), 'here'
(https://forums.netiq.com/showthread....entication-API) and to
some extent, 'here' (http://tinyurl.com/awz5s6g)) and it didn't seem to
me that the threads resulted in solid solutions (at least none posted
publicly) so I wanted to throw my own hat in the ring to try! Thanks so
much for any help you could offer me on this!


- I must validate users against both a first and a second factor
- The first factor is a typical username / password combination
(Novell eDirectory as a matter of fact)
- The second factor also needs to collect data from the user

I have noticed that authentication API users are having difficulty
obtaining either the currently authenticated username (in case the
second factor is a step-up from a preciously fulfilled first-factor only
contract) or if the authentication methods are "daisy-chained" (for lack
of a better term) within the same authentication contract, the username
entered in the previous authentication method.

We can assume that the username will be the same in the first and second
factors of authentication. I would prefer a means of getting the
already-authenticated user, for a true step-up case that asks only for
the second factor. I would prefer to not have to write a single class
that takes care of both factors, but I will do so if necessary.


- Is there a way to obtain the currently-authenticated user, if the
customer wishes to "plug-in" the second factor for a contract to
access a more stringent-protected resource?
- As I am getting contradictory information on this: If two
authentication methods (with only one of them having "Identifies User"
checked) are in the same contract, does the second method have access
to the username input in the first?

If either (or both) are possible, does anyone have code samples or a
general description of how to do it?

Thank you so much!

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