Hello Everybody,
I'm trying to use the "shared secret" feature, and the identity server's
abillity to write an encrypted values (with DES or triple DES) to an
attribute in a user store (lets say Edirectory).
I want to build an authomatic proccess (with novell identity manager)
that is syncing those encrypted values to attributes in the identity
server's configured user store, and to use those attributes for form
fill and identity injection policies.
For building this proccess I need to understand the encryption that uses
by the identity server's shared secret feature, and to achieve the
possibility to encrypt values with the same encryption as the identity
I'm trying to use the DES or Triple DES encryption for getting the same
encrypted value as the identity server encrypts (with the same key) -
unfortunately I never succeeded to get the same encrypted value.
What am I missing? maybe the identity server uses a unique mode for
encryption? (I tried every known mode: ECB, CBC, CFB, OFB, and more...)
Or maybe the encryption key gets hash or some other encode before the
encryption actually starts?
Please help....


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