I am trying to write a vbscript to access the values in different
attributes in eDirectory using ldap connections. I have been able to
connect to the server and to do a basic query. The problem is that I can
only get to 4 attributes at this point. Not sure why that is. I can see
uid, givenName, sn, and objectClass. We have a number of custom attributes
in the system that I am trying to access. This tree is used exclusively
for ldap queries by some other applications. I need to be able to test and
troubleshoot against it. I would like to do vbscript for a lot of it
because it is quick and easy.

The script that I am using to pull up like uid is:

set objUser =
WScript.echo objUser.sn
WScript.echo objUser.uid
WScript.echo objUser.givenName

The first field that I am trying to pull up is FicCorpPW. I can pull it up
using ldapsearch from the command line just fine. If I use WScript.echo
objUser.FicCorpPW I get nothing back. Was wondering how best to query this
attribute from vbscript.