I have a Password Reset Tool to reset passwords.

The Novell code works perfectly from start to finish on a 2003 Server
using Novell, and Novell Client.
I have an Executable to test the Reset, as well as a DLL to test the
Reset. (Running exactly the same code.)
I have another test being ran on a Netware Server 6.1 and using
Novell, and Client.

However, the Executable runs through and changes the password.
The DLL doesn't, it fails on the ModifyObject. (The code is

This is from the Executable:
NWDSModifyObject - Length26
NWDSModifyObject returns:0

NWDSGenerateKeyPairEx - Length6

NWDSGenerateKeyPairEx - Length31
NWDSGenerateKeyPairEx returns:0

DLL gets this:
NWDSModifyObject - Length29
NWDSModifyObject returns:-672

NWDSGenerateKeyPairEx - Length6

NWDSGenerateKeyPairEx - Length35
NWDSGenerateKeyPairEx returns:34952

I know the -672 can be a few possibilities. Esp. No enough permissions.
However, the Exe has no problem executing, and the DLL fails.

However, like stated above it's using exactly same code. What would be
causing different outputs?

Please let me know if more information is needed.

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