I having some problem to bind to server. Currently i using edirectory 8.8
with Windows 2003 as the platform. Here the situation i facing. First
when i login into my windows using Novell Screen, it able log into the
windows. After that i try to use the same user DN and password try to
make a connection and bind it to the server, i fail to do so but it able
to make a connection to server but not Bind to server. Please advise me
on this section. Below is the sample coding that i take from your website
and the userdn and password. Thx a lot. Hope to get reply soon asap.

Sample Data:
string loginDN = "cn=admin,OU=NOVEL\\.com";
string password = "112233";

SAmple Code:
public string fCheckSetting(string strServerIP, int intPort, string
strAdminName, string strPassword, bool boolSSL)
LdapConnection lc = new

if (boolSSL==true)



return "Success";
catch(LdapException e)
return e.Message;
catch(Exception e)
return e.Message;