We are experiencing trouble with sporadic application hangs during calls to
the getBoundConnection() method of the
com.novell.ldap.connectionpool.PoolManager class.

We have a singleton connection factory class that contains a PoolManager
class as an attribute. The object is instantiated like this:
private PoolManager poolMgr;
this.poolMgr = new PoolManager("host", 389, 5, 5, null);

Then, when we need an LDAP connection, we get it like this:
LDAPConnection lc = this.poolMgr.getBoundConnection(userDN, password);

When the application is done with a connection, it returns it to the pool
like this:

This works fine for a while, but after a bit (especially when the
application has a fair bit of LDAP activity in a relatively short time),
the application hangs during the call to getBoundConnection(). No
exception is thrown, and the Java statement just after does not get executed.

Any thoughts?