I'm fairly new to LDAP and C#, so hopefully this won't be too much of a
newbie question. I'm trying to create a basic test application to connect
to an eDirectory with C#. I've followed the code example from the
SecureBind.cs sample code. I can get a connection if I use clear text,
but I can't seem to get one with SSL. I added a cert from the server to
the Mono Trust (certmgr -add -c Trust cert.cer), but to be honest, i'm
really not sure where this resides in relation to my application on my
desktop (Windows XP SP2). The code i'm using is

LdapConnection LdapConn = new LdapConnection();
LdapConn.SecureSocketLayer = true;
LdapConn.Connect("server", 636);
LdapConn.Bind("CN=user,OU=UsersOU,O=Work", "password");

with the bind and connect values set to the appropriate server and user.
I've added reference to Novell.Directory.LDAP.dll and Mono.Security.dll to
my application.

At this point, i'm pretty stumped, so any help would be greatly