All the filters you provided as NOT returning results work for me.
Are you sure you have entries that would match?

Also, are you bound on the connection or anonymous?


Dave B wrote:
> I'm trying to do LDAP searches on a Netware 6.5 server from Outlook and
> Outlook Express. What I found was that in Outlook Express, searches are
> successful if I search
> specifically on "First name" or "Last Name" fields in the Advanced search of
> the "Find People" feature. But if just use the "Name" search of Find
> People, I get no results. Similiar results in Outlook.
> I then did a trace of the LDAP traffic and found that any LDAP search
> filters that contained a search on "cn" would return no results. I
> confirmed this with a standalone LDAP utility so it's not specific to
> Outlook/Outlook Express. For example:
> Search Filters that Return Results
> filter: "(givenName=d*)"
> filter: "(|(mail=d*)(givenName=d*))"
> filter: "(|(mail=d*)(|(sn=d*)(givenName=d*)))"
> Search Filters that Return NO Results
> filter: "(|(givenName=d*)(cn=d*))"
> filter: "(|(mail=d*)(cn=d*))"
> filter: "(&(cn=*)(mail=d*))"
> filter: "(|(mail=d*)(|(cn=d*)(|(sn=d*)(givenName=d*))) )"
> Any ideas why cn= in the filter would cause no results?
> Dave