Memory leak with the Java LDAP API
We have noticed a memory usage problem with the Novell LDAP client API -
Java version.

The LDAP client has memory leak; is there any one experencing this problem?

We are using the Novell LDAP Java API for user provisioning. We used
following classes for LDAP connection and operation:

we created an object of PoolManager and are using the calls in The
PoolManager to get LDAPConnection from the connection Pool and Put back the
LDAPConnection to the Connection Pool.
getBoundConnection(dn, passwd);

The LDAPConnection Objects in the connection pool that managed by
PoolManager will be reused during life time of the application.

The issue we found is that the retained memory Size of the Object of
com.novell.ldap.Connection keeps growing with time. In our test case the
growing Rate is 6 MB/hour. Eventually the application will crash when all
the heap memory are exhausted.

Any one seen this problem before?