I am attempting to clear (set to blank) user passwords using net::ldap
with perl. My issue is I can change the user's password work but I
can't just blank it out of set it to "". I get error id: 53 :: DSA is
unwilling to perform. Like I said I can set it to anything else, but I
just can't blank it out. Here is some code:

my $user = "cn=" . $entry->get_value( "cn" ) . "," . $baseDN;
print "Changing User: ", $user ,"\n";
my $r = $ldap->modify( $user, replace => { 'userPassword' => '' } );

also tried
my $r = $ldap->modify( $user, replace => { 'userPassword' => [] } );

Any help would be appreciated! We are able to change the passwords
using other LDAP tools like LDAPAdmin, so we believe it isn't policy

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