I'm developing an application that needs to perform an LDAP search that
may return thousands of objects. In active directory the server places
a limit on the number of objects returned. To retrieve more than this
limit paged searching is required.

I have enabled paged searching and it all works ok in AD but when I run
it against Novell eDirectory I get the error "The server does not
support the control" (the control is referring to the paged searching
control attached to the request). This leads me to believe that
eDirectory doesn't support or allow paged searching?

Most importantly, is there a limit to the maximum number of returned
object from a search (as there is in AD) and how do I retrieve more than
this limit if paging isn't supported.

Is it safe to assume that if paging isn't supported then there is no
limit to the number of objects that can be returned?

Many Thanks.

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