Hello everyone. I'm sorry for posting in Netware forum but I can't find
correct subforum for Novell CA support.

Ok, here is my problem. I'm trying to connect with Novell CA which is a
part of eDirectory 8.8 SP5.

I'm using NPKI (Novell Certificate Server Version 2) API (specifically
installed by novell-w32sdkc-devel-2008.03.05-1netware_windows.exe).

I've took ncslib\sample\CreateUserCert.cpp sample, wrapped it in the
main method and compiled with Visual Studio 2008. Everything is ok but
when I launch it I get -663 return code after this - ccode =

I don't understand how this function (which, according to
documentation, only initializes myPKI structure with default values)
relates to this error: "-663
ERR_DS_LOCKED: Attempted to perform an NDS operation or background
process on a server whose NDS database is locked or not open."

Any advice is much much appreciated!

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